Bicho - Marcelo Perdido
Cover art for Marcelo Perdido's Bicho.
Jon Snow - Game of Thrones
An illustration made for an special issue about Game of Thrones for Superinteressante Magazine.
One Thousand Fights
Fan art project in which the idea was to draw a character from any fighting game that I could remember and post it online twice a week. Here are the ones I like the most.
Middle East Conflicts - Superinteressante Magazine
Illustrations made for a special issue of the brazillian varieties magazine Superinteressante about conflicts in the middle east.
Illustration for Marcelo Perdido's album "Inverno".
Studies & Sketches 2015
Painting studies made in 2015.
Airplane Disappearances
Illustrations made for Mundo Estranho magazine.
Cover illustration for the first solo album of Marcelo Perdido
Studies & Sketches
Studies and sketches I make as practice or warm up.
Movies on limbo
Illustrations about movies on production limbo made for Mundo Estranho magazine.
Lição - single cover
Single cover for the musician Marcelo Perdido.
Paribar Menu
Menu cover illustration for Paribar, a traditional bar in São Paulo.
Hells Angels
Full page Illustration for a Mundo Estranho magazine's article about the Hells Angels.
Western Myths & Facts
Illustrations for an article about myths and facts of the american old west. Made for Superinteressante magazine.
Runner Robot
Illustrations for and article about what a runner should eat when in training. Made for Runner's World Magazine.
Concept Sketches
Really quick character sketches for various mobile game projects. © all images belong to TFG mobile games.
Size of the State
Exame magazine cover - october, 2014.
The Hobbit
Illustrations of characters and creatures of the Middle Earth for an article about the creations of JRR Tolkien. Made for Superinteressante magazine.
Napoleon vs. Russian Winter
Illustration for an article about the French campaign on russian ground during the winter. Made for Aventuras na História magazine.
Fairy Tales
Set of illustrations made for Aventuras na História magazine about the fairy tales collected by a german bureaucrat of the 19th century.
Grave Robbers
Illustrations made for an article about corpse robbers in 16th century for Aventuras na História, a history magazine.
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